Mrs Amy Pattie

Mrs Amy Pattie works out of the hilly-side of Melbourne, Australia. She is an illustrator, writer, and costume designer. Her artwork explores the eerie, childlike fantasy found in the twilight between waking and sleeping.

Much of her art comes from the experiences of early adulthood. With her art, she tries to reconcile complex adult situations into childlike stories. This happens more easily in fantasy, in the realms of magic. She finds closure and understanding around complex topics can be understood through the vibrance of farytales.

Through enchanted lands, goblins and gelflings, elves and avatars, these stories bypass the hurting mind and talk directly to our soul. Amy endeavours to create the sense that magic is real, a forgotten secret that needs to be discovered, because the secret is that magic is all around us, even in the darkest of times.

Mrs Pattie aims one today to be the mystic fairy godmother in her cottage in the woods, spare beds covered in quilted doonas, warm chocolate to calm the soul, and a plethora of fairy tales to make sense of it all. She doesn’t have her cottage yet, but she’s working on it.



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